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Sayan Bhattacharya

Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon





MBBS, MD, FRCS (General Surgery)

PG Cert (Med Law), PGA (Med Education)

BTEC 7 Cert (Investigative Law, Report writing)

A Bit About Me

I work as a consultant upper GI Surgeon and lead for clinical governance in General Surgery at North Manchester General Hospital. I am employed by the Manchester Foundation NHS Trust. I specialise in benign upper GI and emergency General Surgery. I perform  gallbladder surgery, both elective and emergency at my NHS practice. I also routinely perform anti-reflux operations / Nissen’s and Toupet’s Fundoplication and laparoscopic repair of Giant Para-oesophageal hernias / Intra-thoracic stomachs. I am a Surgical trainer for registrars and core-trainees at Manchester and the lead for Clinical Mortality for North Manchester General Hospital.

I have parallel interest in Medical Law, Ethics, Biological Research, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Surgical teaching, and training. I am a member of the Medico-Legal Society of London. I am Bond Solon Certified in Investigative Law, Best practice, Report-writing, and Courtroom skills. I am also the National Research Lead for BBUGSS (British Benign Upper GI Surgical Society), Chair of NHSR (National Hiatal Surgery Registry), Honorary Senior Lecturer for Medical Education with Manchester University and an honorary clinical teacher with University of Sheffield.

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